Monday, September 29

Random Stencil #1

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Saturday, September 27

Scandalul Benedek Levent

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Monday, September 22


A short film exploring the relationship between art and corporate advertising in public space:
"A man, trapped in the confines of a corporate poster, tries to escape and become part of the street art on the opposite wall. Although the street art is free, it is condemned and usually destroyed to make way for advertising, a risk he is willing to take to be with the stencilled girl on the other side."

Monday, September 15

Banksy Update

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Some Street Art From Vienna

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James Powderly [GRL] detained in China

James Powderly [Graffiti Research Lab] was detained and interrogated in China for his L.A.S.E.R Stencil work.
ABC News video HERE.

Sunday, September 7 romania language support

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Friday, September 5

Cueva de las Manos

"Cueva de las Manos (Spanish for Cave of the Hands) is a cave located in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina.
It is famous (and gets its name) for the paintings of hands, made by the indigenous inhabitants (possibly forefathers of the Tehuelches) some 9,000 years ago. The composition of the inks is mineral, so the age of the paintings was calculated from the remains of bone-made pipes used for spraying the paint on the wall blocked by the hand."
Text and photo taken from Wikipedia. Read more HERE.
These are the first stencils ever made.

Thursday, September 4

Graffiti: vandalism sau arta? Ziduri mazgalite sau muzee in aer liber?

Joi 11 septembrie editura Vellant te invita in Carturesti Verona la cel mai neconventional eveniment urban din ultima perioada.

Incepand cu ora 12 cei mai tari grafferi din Romania deseneaza bannere "cat casa", pe bune, fara trucaje, live, chiar in fata ta.

De la ora 18.00, exprima-te la o dezbatere despre Street Art si graffiti. Pentru ca joi lansam "Grafitti - arta strazii pe cinci continente", cea mai bine vanduta carte de gen.
Descopera un album de arta contemporana care expune perspectiva graffer-ului german Nicholas Granz (Keinom). Dupa 10 ani in care a studiat street art-ul prin intreaga lume ne aduce o carte pe cat de colorata si spontana, pe atat de documentata si cuprinzatoare.

Featuring: Dan Perjovschi/Vlad Nanca/Sinboy/Marius Chivu/Konada/Oana Tanase/Daniel Gontz/Ioana Calen/Pisica Patrata/Diana Dochia/Megatron/Neon/etc.