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Friday, March 27

Street Art Books

zinelibrary.info are cateva carti despre street art, printre care si 3 dintre cartile lui Banksy. Ele pot fi descarcate gratis. Clic AICI.

Monday, March 23


"Trashmonster™ is one of the freshest london based street artists, combining elements of sculpture and a backgroud in graffiti, Trashmonster™ takes his signature eyes and teeth into the world which surrounds him."

Saturday, March 21

Graffiti : Fun Or Dumb?

"Using kids' own arguments (both pros and cons), film presents overwhelming evidence that vandalism is dumb. Shows that graffiti-type vandalism costs over $20,000,000 a year."
Un interesant documentar despre graffiti din 1976.

Friday, March 20

Federico Archuleta

"Federico Archuleta, also known as El Federico, is an Austin, TX graffiti artist who has created several notable murals around town.
His several pieces of street art on The Drag contribute significantly to its unique aesthetic flavor. Most prominent are the stencil-graffiti portraits of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, the Clash and others on the old Tower Records/Varsity Theater building, and his portrait of Bob Dylan on the Hole in the Wall.
His pieces are created with stencil and freehand spraypaint techniques, applied in multiple layers with bright, forceful colors.
Official website.

Wednesday, March 18

Monopoly inspired Street Art

Click HERE.
-via The Orion

Monday, March 16


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Tuesday, March 10


"Gerardo Yepiz, better known as Acamonchi, is a legend in the world of stencil graffiti. Step into his studio, where he discusses his heritage, his style, and his hatred of traffic."
You can see Acamonchi's work on Flickr.

Sunday, March 8

Poster Boy Subway Art

Poster Boy Flickr Subway Art.

Friday, March 6

Your Kid Can't Do This

-via The Orion

Tuesday, March 3

Kraimann Three Stencils

And other awesome street art from Kraimann Three HERE.