Tuesday, August 25


Friday, August 21

555 KUBIK (extended version)

"The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture - the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers "Galerie der Gegenwart". Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves - describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself."

Thursday, August 20

Stencil It

"This film follows the illusive stencil street artist HUTCH. Shot over last year it charts the changing attitudes towards street art with the event of Cans festival in Leake St. over shadowing the Tate Modern's Street Art exhibition. Hutch feels the 'Banksy' effect with an upsurge of public interest in his work, leading to offers of exhibitions and even the theft of one of his street stencils."

Wednesday, August 19

Evolution Of Tagging

- via ekosystem

Tuesday, August 18

The Powers Of Katsu

"If you live in NYC and walk with your eyes open, you've seen Katsu's skull grinning at you- from fire escapes, bus stops, urinals and now rooftops. In this chunnel exclusive, Red Bucket Filmmakers Nick Poe and Alex Kalman team up with the elusive Katsu to take Charles and Ray Eames' 1977 classic "Powers of 10" from outer space to the street.

Now Katsu, we can't tell you much about, you know how it is. Red Bucket, we can say, have been featured in the NYTimes Magazine looking fly in vests and bathing suits and have been to the Cannes Film Festival twice with feature films. Working out of a downtown sweatshop, the crew turns it out, always fresh, never fancy, always burning the midnight oil.

Monday, August 17

Seen + Banksy

Sunday, August 16

Russell Howze : Stencil Nation

"Without a doubt, stencils are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest method for painting an image on a wall, a sidewalk, or almost any object anywhere.

Stencil Nation focuses on the unexpected mix of this lively, accessible medium to reveal engaging aspects of an intentionally secretive international creative community. With dynamically illustrated perspectives from diverse niches of the art form, hundreds of photographs and numerous essays have been curated by StencilArchive.org's founder, Russell Howze.

Toata prezentarea se poate vedea AICI, iar pe la minutul 37 este mentionata si Romania. Este cea mai buna prezentare care exista pana acum.

Saturday, August 15

Banksy in Mali, Africa

Friday, August 14


"halo is a handy light specially dedicated to light-writing. Graffiti artists can conserve their own gesture they have with a spray can. It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti’s styles. If the light doesn’t have enough battery, the user must shake it to have energy again."

Thursday, August 13

Underground Art -Brazil

"In the harsh conditions of Sao Paolo, graffiti artists are pushing street art in new and often dangerous directions. We investigate these artists work, amongst pools of filth and armies of cockroaches.
Sao Paulo's art movement sometimes goes beyond the streets and into the citys sewers. This is a rainwater gallery in the sewage system, tells artist Zezao. Whilst some street artists are being tempted into top art galleries, some still find their home streets inspirational. I imagine that in a different city where problems are more subtle I would not have the same inspiration to create, a local artist explains.

View it HERE.

Wednesday, August 12

Stencil For Citizenship

13-20 August la Cafe Verde cateva stenciluri expuse, evenimentul facand parte din proiectul Drepturi aici, acolo si pretutindeni!, proiect social despre drepturile si indatoririle cetatenesti.

- via Metropotam

Tuesday, August 11

To die will be an awfully big adventure

"Artwork 'To die will be an awfully big adventure' created by Högni Valur Högnason is final project from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. It descovers theme of deaths in our life. As you could notice it consist of three pieces. The first one is about childish innocence, second one is about love and third one is about death itself."
- via Beautiful Life

Saturday, August 8

American Wall Stenciling, 1790-1840

American Wall Stenciling, 1790-1840 by Ann Eckert Brown.
A nice book found on Google Books.

Monday, August 3

I Know There Is Love

"In preparation for their collaboration at Ad Hoc Gallery in Bushwick, Armsrock and Chris Stain sailed deep into the Brooklyn night not far from the huge Brooklyn Navy Yard, hoisting up ladders to put up a large mural stirring the contemplative inner currents of child's play entitled "I Know There Is Love", inspired by a Crass song of the same name. Using projections of their original work as well as improvised chalk drawings, the storytelling includes two tadpole-aged lads and a small harbor of imaginary vessels. In it one instantly escapes to a freer time of discovery when multiple dreams were easily set afloat. As if a reaction to the rough and salty seas of daily life in New York for many, the street artist co-captains hang a huge banner across the mast of this ship to announce that it is possible to right the bow and head toward hope."
- via Brooklyn Street Art