Tuesday, August 30

Water Stencil

Punk's not dead but it evaporate in 10 min.

Stencil archive update

RSA se imbogateste cu noi lucrari. Vara asta lumea a fost foarte activa la Sibiu si Bucuresti dar si in alte orase ale patriei.
Iata ultimele update-uri si situatia la zi:

New entry: Ploiesti cu 3 bucati
Still kicking: Ramnicu Valcea cu doua noi bucati.
Si big comeback: Bucuresti vezi 112-121
Oricum: toate orasele in caz ca nu v-ati mai uitat de mult pe http://2020.ro/RomanianStencilArchive/index.htm

- via Vlad Nanca

Wednesday, August 24

Mr. Anderson

Acum cateva zile, Bucuresti, cart. Floreasca. Inaltimea este de 1,96 (in teorie, pe perete... cu aproximatie)

HC ar fi crew-ul, dar pana la momentul asta nu am scos nici un logo care sa ne placa si asa ca am semnat cu un stencil mai vechi in care scrie HC cu nushtiu ce font. work in progress, work in progress...

- via Vlad Nanca

Monday, August 15

Francisc Zinz

Well, just wanted to say thanks to EUROfiles.


Monday, August 1

Errors Monument

sometimes i get my act together and go out and do stenciling... I did this one the other nite (with a lil help from my friends Basti and Tudor - thanks for the pic too)...
The story of the 'heroes monument' in short...
former president of romania Ion Iliescu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion_Iliescu) is responsible for fucking up romania's recent history, stealing the 1989 'revolution' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_Romanian_Revolution) included. This horrid monument (http://www.ghildush.com/Events/index_memorial.htm) was Iliescu's idea and thanks to the useless authorities, architects unions etc in romania the 'shit on the stick' has been errected recently. It is meant to be dedicated to the heroes of the 1989 'revolution'...
Our stencil reads "errors monument" (romanian word playing aroun 'heroes monument') and it's attacking the 'errors' in recent Romanian history culminating with this horrid phallic grotesque &*^&*%& thing...

I hope u understand where i come from

- via Vlad Nanca